In 1984, Sacon began as a township enterprise.

In 1993, Sacon improved into a private stock company and produced the first Chinese deep type range hood.

In 1998, Sacon was invested 90 million USD to specialize in Asian first manufacturing base of electric water heaters and water tanks from 6.5L to 500L.

In 1999, Sacon started productions and sales of cabinets and gas hobs.

In 2002, the first Chinese range hood with its European appearance and Chinese engine was produced by SACON.

In 2005, Sacon became Chinese first manufacturer of electric water heaters and water tanks to reach Australian standard ‘Water Mark’.

In 2006, Sacon entered real estate fields.

In 2014, Sacon moved to the new factory with 90 million USD.

In 2017, Sacon was acquired by Solareast Group which has been a public company.

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