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Steam washing 5 minutes, clean for a whole year---sacon innovately launched steam washing integrated kitchen

On 27th.May, The China international kitchen and sanitation show opened at Shanghai new international expo center. Sacon solemnly held the 2019 high-end integrated kitchen product launching conference at the site. Customer representatives and partners fro


Sacon's 35th birthday! Our journey still go on

35 years, may not a long time in history, but witness sacon from a workshop in Yuyao to a big company with thousands of employees and over 500 patents. Now sacon has become the great brand of CCTV. It is a testimony to our Shared experience.


Sacon, ready to go

With the implementation of 5N strategy and 2019 spring strategy, the sales of sacon is still increasing even under the serious market, continuously to achieve qualitative change through innovation.


Suning leading team visited sacon to discuss the channel strategic planning for the second half of year

On 24th April, domestic home appliance chain giant, Suning visited sacon. The two giants gathered together to discuss the development trend of the industry.


Sacon attended 125th Canton Fair

The 125th Canton Fair of first period has successfully ended on 19th, April. Canton fair is known as Top exhibition and Global trade vane in China. It has been over 60 years since 1957 and held 125 times. Sacon booth is located in hall 5.2, G11-12, F37-38


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